FasTracK Music

Move and Groove (4-6 Years)

music-noteDid you know that music is a springboard for your child’s success in core subjects such as math, science and literacy? Through the award-winning ABC Music & Me™ curriculum, FasTrack® Music supports your child’s learning, moving and growing in a creative and fun way. Our methodology enhances brain development and encourages creativity and confidence while inspiring imagination and musical curiosity. Our independent research shows that children enrolled in FasTrack Music made significantly larger gains in language and literacy skills compared to their peers not enrolled in the program.


music2We offer four levels of FasTrack Music , each one designed to be appropriate for your child’s age, development and learning style. In each music class, we focus on activities to increase your child’s progress in social, emotional, cognitive, language, literacy and physical learning while having fun!

Children who continue with the FasTrack Music class into early school age will develop a greater capacity for learning and a lifelong love of music. In FasTrack Music class, your budding musician will be introduced to fundamental musical concepts, notation, and the basics of vocal development, establishing a great foundation for any music lessons your child might take in the future. Children explore a wide variety of musical styles and the instruments of the orchestra through group ensemble play, music, games, and stories from many cultures. These classes are a musical learning experience that set the stage for future success. Call your local center to enroll your child today.